Zera is the God of Domination, and perhaps the most famous God on Sigrogana. Patron deity of the Zeran race, he was the winner of Heaven's Contention, outlasting Ryart the Gold Dragon. He is often described as an honorable, but ambitious, skeleton-like demon with great horns. Zera is often seen as the catalyst of Heaven's Contention, as his attempted expansion of his domain pushed other Gods towards the same behavior.

When Zera was felled, he told his followers, the Zerans, to use every part of his corpse for some purpose. They did; the hall of the senate is said to hold parts of Zera's demonic horns in the ceiling. Ancient Zeran religious text also speaks of the Schlussel, a set of items made from the most potent and powerful parts of Zera's body.

His last words to his followers, the Zerans, were an order to build a throne worthy of him from his fallen enemies, an order to take every part of his corpse and find a use for it, and the bold statement "I will return." Not even the Zerans are sure if that was his pride speaking or if he truly intends to prove his superiority over the natural order and return from the dead.

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