Wyverntouched are the children of wyverns, to put it simply. There are many stories of wyverns having the ability to masquerade or even become humans for extended periods of time. Wyverntouched are a sort of antithesis to other Serpent kin in that they are considered signs of good fortune, and are generally accepted by all sorts; even the Imperials. While they possess some similarities to other serpent-like races, they also do not possess many, leading them to be identified much easier.

Wyverntouched have a few unique physical characteristics; typically, they have slitted eyes, like other serpentkin. They also usually have two sharp canines, and more pointy teeth than normal. They are also usually more muscular than the normal person, which keeps in line with their ancestry, as Wyverns are massively powerful creatures. Furthermore, like the Wyvern, they tend to thrive in warm-to-hot areas, such as the desert or near volcanos, and likewise are not comfortable in cold areas.

They remain as wide and varied as their ancestors, however, and are not particularly drawn to certain types of behavior. However, it is quite rare to meet a Wyverntouched that one could describe as 'cool-headed' and 'patient'.

Additional informations Edit

It is possible for Wyvern-touched to have tail, but very rarely, similar to Hyattr's cases.

Like the Hyattr, it is common to find wyvern-touched male being taller than an average human full-grown human male.


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