Wood is a crafting material used mostly for the creation of Bows, wooden variants of Weapons and Furniture. Wood can only be found from chests and campfires in dungeons.

Like Mining Rocks, Campfires will more frequently give you a type of Wood from certain dungeons. Ash Wood is found mostly in Jammer Caves and sometimes in Goblin Caves, Coldbark is found in Whirlpools, Devilbark and Etherbark are found in Phantom Crypts, Firebark is found in Fire Altars, Nightflower is found in Goblin Caves, Oribark is found in Black Doors.

List of Wood:

  • Ash Wood
  • Coldbark
  • Devilbark
  • Etherbark
  • Firebark
  • Nightflower
  • Oribark
  • Windbark

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