Weapons influence how your Attack command functions as well as certain Skills. Weapons have many characteristics such as:

  • Weapon Type (mostly used for defining the general characteristics of the Weapon as well as determining which Classes can wield it and which Skills it can be used with it)
  • Material Type (this alters some properties of the Weapon)
  • Power (how much of an increase to Damage the Weapon gives)
  • Accuracy (how much of an increase to your chance to Hit the Weapon gives)
  • Critical (how much of an increase to your chance to land a Critical Hit)
  • Weight (heavier weapons incur a penalty to your chance to Hit if you do not have the Strength to wield them)
  • Durability (determines how many successful attacks you can make before the weapon breaks, a broken weapon receives hefty penalties to Hit, Damage and Critical Chance)
  • Rounds (only used for Guns, this determines how many attacks the Weapon performs)

Weapons can have qualities which improve or weaken a certain property of the Weapon.

Weapons can also have additional effects that are unique to the Weapon, such as extra elemental damage, the ability to inflict ailments like Poison, boosts to your Stats, etc.

You can increase the Power, Accuracy, Critical and Durability at a Blacksmith. The cost of this process depends on the base amounts and each property can only be increased a maximum of 5 times.

Weapon Types:

  • Axe (High power weapons which are typically heavy and have poor accuracy)
  • Bow (All around average ranged weapons, useful for Archers)
  • Dagger (Lightweight, low power weapons which can be wielded by any class)
  • Fist (Average weapons, useful for Martial Artist classes)
  • Gun (Low power ranged weapons with poor accuracy which is made up for with their Skill scaling, ability to ignore Defense and some guns can fire multiple rounds)
  • Spear (Accurate weapons but are usually slightly weaker than others)
  • Sword (Average weapons, useful for typical warriors)
  • Tome (Short ranged magical weapons which deal elemental damage, scale with Willpower and increase the power of Spells, useful for spellcasters)

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