For those who prefer to control the game with the WASD keys, there's a special WASD mode that can be utilized. To do so, press Tab on the keyboard. You will see a message in the chat box that says you have enabled/disabled WASD Mode. While in WASD Mode, the controls are as follows;

Controls Edit

W,A,S,D - Up, Left, Down, Right

I - Inventory

P - PDA (laplaceNET)

U - Use item.

Activate Item Edit

Space- This will 'activate' the object directly in front of your character. Most objects that can be interacted with can be 'activated' in this manner.

E/Z- Same as above.

SHIFT+E/Z- Attempts to 'activate' the object (mode 2).

CTRL+E/Z- Attempts to 'activate' the object (mode 3).

Note: Some objects which can be activated have different modes they can be activated in. For example, NPCs only have one activate option, which is to talk to them. However, if you were interacting with a door, mode 2 would attempt to lock or unlock it, and mode 3 would 'knock' on the door. Mode 1 would behave normally.

List of objects with multiple activation modes Edit

Player Door - Open/Close (Mode 1), Lock/Unlock (Mode 2), Knock (Mode 3)

Random Chest - Open (Mode 1), Unlock Chest (Mode 2), Check/Disarm Traps (Mode 3)

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