Void Poisoning is a common sickness contracted by those who practice the usage of The Void; typically the constant teleportation, which is deemed 'unsafe' at all times. Those who consistently use Voidgates or the Blink spell are susceptible to the damaging effects of Void Poisoning and could very well die from it. Portals made by the Majistra family do not cause Void Poisoning, but they are also more limited because it requires more concentration and the "points" of teleportation cannot be moved.

The Effects of Void PoisoningEdit

Imagine Void Poisoning as if your entire body had a toothache. The worse the Void Poisoning, the more throbbing the pain. At higher levels, the victim begins developing glowing blue lacerations on their body, which eventually become fatal. Once it reaches a critical state it is almost impossible to cure the condition. You might be able to weaken the effects, but you can never get rid of it currently. Those suffering from the beginning stages can be cured with proper Mercalan treatment and ceasing the use of unsafe teleportation (basically, anything that isn't Majistran qualifies as 'unsafe').

Mechanations are fairly resistant to the effects of Void Poisoning, but it can still destroy non-specially-made parts and eventually cause the Llarian Scar to break. Vampires cannot avoid it or its effects through "deaths." If they suffer from Void Poisoning, they will suffer from it in the same way after reforming. If Void Poisoning gets bad enough, it is likely to cause chain deaths for a vampire, to where they will die, lose power, die again, and then just ash. Liches, and Dullahan are no exception from this as well. The Void poisoning will erode armor of Dullahan, and damages the phylactery. So by any definition, void poisoning can happen to anybody.

Void Lacerations become progressively larger around the affect area or areas if not properly treated. If a part of the body gets separated by thick enough lines, it falls off and vanishes. Eventually, this happens to the individual's entire body. Parts that fall off in this manner cannot be regenerated, even if you're a Vampire.