Vajistra is the sacred sword wielded by the current Head Church Knight, also known as Bright Vajistra.

The sword Vajistra is capable of tearing the soul out from a body, due to the brute, raw divine force of a sun and two gods imbued in it. It essentially turns the target of a concentrated strike into a soulless body that soon crumbles apart and dissipates into ashes.

It is also speculated that nothing can survive a direct attack from it, as the power ignores any physical or magical resistance, and strikes straight for the soul of the opponent.

It is postulated that one single swing can easily make this weapon annihilate a whole city, leaving nothing but a wasteland and death behind. Due to those circumstances, Bright Vajistra has shown heavy constraint in using it in combat, making it her last resort if needed.

Vajistra's origins are unclear, but it is said that Mercala employed the assistance of Nairyf to embed one of Sigrogana's suns into a sword. Due to its overwhelming power, Mercala created a sheath to maintain its immeasurable might so it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands, or be abused. It's speculated that no one but the Bright Vajistra, the Anointed One by Mercala, can draw Vajistra from its sheath, however.

Vajistra is commonly used to bring justice to apostates of the Church of Lispool,as well as those who mindlessly abuse Mercana, despite given prior warnings for its misuse.

Vajistra's usage is a hot-topic of debate and fear whenever the Head Church Knight needs to use it. There are times when she is stonewalled, along with her Church Knights, in pursuing apostates and defects of the Church. In more developed parts of the world such as Sigrogana and Alstalsia, they will go through due process, and often times the authorities themselves will arrest the person in question and ship them off to Lispool to whatever fate awaits them. They are almost obligated to do so, because the Mercalan faith is so popular, and upsetting the faith will result in them no longer supporting their country. Having Mercalan healers is considered very important because they are the only option in emergency situations. They have the support of the common people, which gives them a lot of influence, and since they leverage it so rarely it's even more powerful; if the Mercalan Church calls one out, people are going to listen, because it happens so rarely.

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