Training is an activity added in the Great Reckoning Part 2 (version 1.61 LIVE). It lets you train yourself, certain NPCs, and other players.

Militia Training Edit

You can take on untrained militia by speaking to NPCs in certain towns, for example, the Dormeho Town Marshall in Dormeho. You can take on a maximum number equal to your Training subrank. Your goal is to train them to a certain amount of EXP without the militia being defeated at the end of a battle.

  • Upon being trained successfully, the NPC will join the town militia.
  • Town militia will aid players during certain events, such as Black Beast attacks, as supporting party members.

Training Players Edit

By selecting the Training option from the PvP challenge menu, you will engage with a spar with that person. Upon conclusion of the battle, both you and the trainee will receive Roleplay EXP equal to X% of your next level's required EXP, where X = your Training subrank. If the trainee is lower level than you, they will also receive a bonus to X equal to half of the level difference between you two. For example, a level 60 character training a level 30 character would receive a bonus of (30/2 = 15)%, referred to as the Wisdom bonus.

However, training is very exhausting, and requires 50 Physical Stamina per session.

Training Tools Edit

Combat Dummy - Comes in either Hard or Soft forms. Hard has high defenses but low HP, and Soft has no defense but high HP. Either way, using it is the exact same as training normally, except that no Wisdom bonus is applied, even if the dummy was put up by someone else. It is, however, your only method of training by yourself.

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