Spellthief Spellthief

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Tome
Move 6

Str STR +2
Wil WIL +2
Ski SKI +2
Cel CEL +2
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT --
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC --


Strengths Edit

  • Spellthieves are the bane of Mages or any other Magic-based opponents, whenever they steal a spell from an enemy, the enemy is disabled of using the stolen spell for the rest of the battle.
  • This class alone might be tricky to be used effectively, but it compensates for the overall 'amazing' synergy with all the other classes.
  • They can steal the enemy's FP once per round.
  • They can steal magic from monsters too.
  • They keep their stolen spells! As long as Spellthief class is equipped, though. Starting a fight without Spellthief equipped will make you lose all of your spells.

Drawbacks Edit

  • They can't hide forever from enemies with AoE skills.
  • If they're slower than the opponent, 'Skipping' will ruin their Illusions.
  • A good silence can cut their fighting capability in half.
  • You might need to 'farm' spells from many enemies before engaging any opponent, as they don't have any offensive magic by themselves.
  • Their 'deck' of stolen spells is fairly limited, so you need to choose wisely which spells are you keeping with you.

Unlocking Edit

Reach Level 20+ in Rogue and successfully Steal a Buff from an enemy that possesses atleast one spell in their skill pool. (It doesn't work with the 'Steal' granted from the Cat Mask accessory.)

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