Gen passive Soul Engine

Type Racial
Race Dullahan
Rather than utilizing the energy of life, the Dullahan moves by the force of its soul, and in battle, this strains it to the point of exhaustion. It is very easy for a Dullahan to over-exert themself by not realizing how much power they are using, and so the skilled among these cursed souls often fight at a slow pace; something that inspires fear in their enemies.

All actions the Dullahan takes in battle (except End Turn) cost 5% (-1% per 15 Scaled SAN, min. 1%) of their maximum FP (or all, if less than that is available), in addition to any and all costs they have. If at the start of the round, a Dullahan has 0 FP, then they become Soul Burned, stunning them for 1 round; however they recover FP equal to 10% of their maximum + their DEF. This recovery is also increased based on how much HP they are missing.

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