Skill Inheritance is a system where a promoted class gains the skills of its base class. In short, every base class can unlock a stronger promoted class; that base class is also the 'base class' of the promoted class.

Skill inheritance lets you equip skills you leveled up with that base class, provided the promoted class is either your Main or Sub Class. Note that this only applies to skills you leveled up; you cannot use a promoted class's skill points to learn or increase the base class's skills.

Example Edit

A Curate unlocks one of its promoted classes, Lantern Bearer. Normally, in order to use the Curate skill Holy Arrow, Curate would have to be that character's Main or Sub Class. However, thanks to skill inheritance, Holy Arrow can be equipped as long as Lantern Bearer is the Main or Sub Class, without the need for Curate to be.

Notes Edit

Types of Skills
Offensive · Defensive · Support · Utility · Passive · Innate · Racial

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