Sigrogana, named after an ancient word meaning the promised land, is the name of a largest mainland continent, and is sometimes a name given to the world as a whole, as it was 'the world' to most races before The Enlightenment. It sits between Alstalsia, Kysei, Gold, and Egwyn, and quite appropriately, it is also the center of the Sigrogana Empire, the most significant Human society known to man.

North of Cellsvich, the town where Emperor Erachial resides and capital of Sigrogana, is Beldam. Deep south of Cellsvich is a port town known as Dormeho. Northeast of Dormeho is the abandoned castle-city of Mallus.

While Sigrogana is spread out into many different towns, regions, cities, and states, they all serve the interests of Emperor Elial S. Erachial and are loyal to the crown. The size, power, and leadership of the nation has earned it a place of respect among most of its neighbors, even Oniga, despite a bloody history between the two. With the end of the Oniga Sigrogana War, Sigrogana sits in relative peace with the other mortal societies.

Below the ground of Sigrogana is a blood vessel-like system of Nairyf's very own magma-like blood. There are a few times where the moving of this blood has caused fissures and other hazards of the like to appear on the surface of the land. This blood also powers the system called the "Salamander Structure".

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