A scarce race sporting a pair of fox ears as well as a bushy tail, the Redtails as they are called have a certain allure to them, drawing the curiousity of other races. While they are often mistaken for Kaelensia, due to their ears and tail, those in the know recognize that Redtails do not always have golden eyes, nor do they hail from Egwyn. Redtails, indeed, come from all over, although are more commonly found in Oniga.

The true nature of the Redtail is said to lie in the tale, Golden Thief. In summary, they are supposedly the descendants of an extremely lucky being they call the Great Fox Spirit. Redtails often share this story with others out of sentimentality.

Regardless of the tale's authenticity, Redtails put a great deal of belief into it, and anyone who has ever been around them can testify that Redtails are unnaturally lucky, leading to a popular saying; 'Never gamble with a fox.'

Additional Info Edit

Some tales say that Redtails can live forever by stealing the luck of other mortals, which usually leads to that mortal's demise soon after. But could this be true? Maybe.

Though, recall what others say about a certain other immortal race that isn't actually them... Isn't this eerily familiar to how they act?


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