Prisoners were added in the Great Reckoning Part 2 (version 1.61 LIVE) as part of the talent rework. They are what they sound like; captured enemies. It is done via the Detainment talent and its various subpaths.


The prisoners interface.

Taking Prisoners Edit

Prisoners are obtained by using the Capture skill granted from Take Prisoner subpath, or automatically via the Seize subpath. You can have a maximum of your Take Prisoner's subrank at once.

  • Capture requires you to hit the enemy with an attack with reduced Hit and Damage; if the enemy is reduced to 0 HP, they are captured. The Restrain subpath's Grapple skill can help with this.
  • Seize occurs automatically at the end of a battle, if possible. The downside is the chance can be relatively low, and you cannot choose which monster you take prisoner.

Converting Prisoners Edit

Prisoners can be converted into mercenaries via the Convert subpath, by paying them a Murai fee. Since some monsters can be very powerful, this can be useful if you prefer to play solo or cannot find a party for whatever reason. Monsters defeated while mercenaries simply disappear, unlike normal mercenaries that can be rehired. You will have to recapture and reconvert a monster of the same type.

Selling Prisoners Edit

Alternatively, captured monsters can be sold at arenas, to arena masters such as Tarson. The amount you are paid depends on the level of the prisoner.

Notes Edit

  • Bosses cannot be captured.
  • Minibosses and aspected monsters do not retain their special bonuses when captured; they revert to normal monsters.
  • PCs who are 'captured' are only told so via an RP message; please exercise caution, restraint, and patience if trying to capture PCs for whatever reason, since it's not an absolute thing. Especially, you shouldn't expect to be able to capture players in areas with NPCs that are likely to care, such as towns or other law-abiding areas.

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