Prayer is a new activity added in the Great Reckoning Part 2 (version 1.61 LIVE). It lets you use certain religious artifacts and altars to pray to the gods. Although it is primarily a roleplaying system, praying to gods does give certain mechanical benefits.

Prayer Tools Edit

In order to pray to a god, two things are required.

  • Subranks in the Devotion talent's Prayer subpath.
  • A prayer tool for the God you wish to pray to.

Prayer tools can be obtained at a variety of locations; for example, the casino, from Hikari in Cellsvich, from the arena on Sigrogana, and so on. To pray, you use this item (via use-item, as other usable items).

Prayer Effects & God Loyalty Edit

God loyalty

God loyalty in the occult box.

Praying to a God requires a small amount of Mental Stamina. Upon doing so, your character will be immobile for a few seconds while your character prays (during which time, roleplaying yourself praying is suggested.) Afterwards, you will gain a Prayer Status, the duration of which depends on your Prayer subrank (5 rounds per SR), and the effect differs based on the God itself. Some races may gain bonus effects from certain appropriate Gods, as well; for example, praying to Helondis as a Phenex will restore 15% of your maximum FP.

God Loyalty reflects your loyalty to one specific God. While you can pray to any God at any time, by praying to one God continuously, your God Loyalty increases. Loyal servants to a God will enjoy both more powerful effects, as well as longer lasting ones. You can check both the last God you prayed to as well as your current God Loyalty on the character panel, in the Occult box. (For reference, the maximum God Loyalty is 100.)

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