Ore is used in the creation of Metal Weapons, Light Armor and Heavy Armor, Shields and the Gauntlet and Greaves recipes. Iron Ore and Etherium are also ingredients in the Alchemy Recipes: Bomb and Repair Powder.

Most Ore can be obtained by mining nodes found in dungeons. It is easier to find certain ores in certain areas, such as Arctic Gold in Whirlpools, Etherium in Phantom Crypts, Iron Ore in Jammer Caves, Nerif's Blood in Fire Altars, Orichalum in Black Doors and Rockdirt in Goblin Caves. Coral can only be found in Whirlpools.

Iron Ore can also be gathered with Harvesting in the Old Iron Mine above Tannis or bought in Blacksmith Shops for 20 Mura each.

List of Ores:

  • Arctic Gold
    • Weapons: +5 crit, -5 acc, +3 ice atk
    • Armours:
  • Carapace
    • Weapons:+2 power, +5 weight, +3 dark atk
    • Armours:
  • Coral
    • Weapons:+1 power, +3 crit, +3 acc, +1 weight, +3 water atk
    • Armours:
  • Dragon Materials
  • Etherium
    • Weapons: -75% dura, +3 fp, repair after every battle
    • Armours:
  • Iron Ore
  • Nerif's Blood
    • Weapons:+2 power, -5 crit, +3 fire atk
    • Armours:
  • Orichalum
    • Weapons: -1 all, +2 weight, increase all parameters when attacking higher level foes
    • Armours:
  • Planetarium
    • Weapons:+1 power, +2 crit, +2 acc, -3 weight, +3 light atk
    • Armours:
  • Rockdirt
    • Weapons:+1 power, +4 crit, +2 acc, +4 weight, +3 earth atk
    • Armours:
  • Silpheed's Curse
    • Weapons:-2 power,+5 acc, -5 weight, +3 wind atk
    • Armours:

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