Taking place in the year 290, Oniga's Revolution was a bloody six month battle following the assassination of Tennou Myoga. The common people, seeing the devastating effects of the sand (see Gold's Curse), along with the oppression from the government and army, the lasting costs of the war, etc., rose up against the government during this time of weakness. While some government armies, most notably those of the Tennou's family, did not stand against them, there were many ruling houses that supported the war effort that would not relent. They met the common peoples' army and its supporters, and in the end, lost to them.

Shortly after the chaos settled, Tennou Myoga's son, Ang, was crowned the new Emperor. His first actions were to cease the war with Sigrogana (see Oniga Sigrogana War) and open up lines of communication with them instead, seeking aid for Oniga's resource and food crisis. Despite much council to the opposite effect, the Emperor of Sigrogana was suspiciously eager to help his former enemies, and in a few short years, the relationship between Oniga and Sigrogana recovered. To this day, some still hold old war grudges, but those people do not hold office.