OOC - Out of CharacterEdit

Out of Character, or OOC for short, is a term used to refer to something done outside of the role-play realm. When not speaking in the Out of Character channel, OOC speak is usually indicated by surrounding brackets. Anything said in OOC should not be acknowledged by a character in IC.

The following is considered an example of OOC in an IC channel:

Renny Brownington says, "( That was hilarious. )".

It's important to remember to use brackets if you need to speak in OOC in an IC channel, though it's frowned upon to do so if it's not necessary. Keep in mind that the brackets used may vary from person to person. It's not unheard of to see ((Text here)), {Text here}, or even [Text here]. If it's enclosed, it's safe to assume that it's OOC speak.