Myoga, aka 'Tyrant Tennou', famous for being the catalyst of Sigrogana vs Oniga War. Not a lot is known, but he was a great leader for Oniga, and brought prosperity to his people, until a certain tragic event that resulted in a war.

It is presumed that he got assassinated by a spellcaster as the war was ending in a steady pace with Oniga's retreat, and such reason is why mages are frowned upon the lands of Oniga, as they think until the recent days that it was uncalled for.

It is hinted that he got possessed by Zera's 'conquerer tendencies' after somehow obtaining the Zeran God's power on his domain and descended into a lustful madness for conquering Sigrogana.

As for when he got his power, it was prior to Yuuza and Ang's birth dates, and it further developed as the time passed.

And obviously, he was the father of both Yuuza and Ang.

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