Mura, or Murai (plural), is the name of a global currency in the realm. It was conceived by the Asago Corporation under the scrutiny of all major powers as a way to simplify the need of all nations for a currency, as well as the company's banking endeavors. While the currency takes many forms, they are all secured in validity by the corporation's secrets; an Asago employee can easily tell the difference between counterfeit and legitimate money, making the attempt to do so foolish.

The Murai was invented as a way to normalize trade through-out the world, and was proposed by the CEO of the Asago Corporation. 'Murai' can be any number of coins, gems, paper notes, etc., the value of which can be verified very simply with a laplaceNET Oracle Card. Furthermore, since the value of things as Murai can only be performed by the Asago Corporation, it also stabilizes the regions' various economies; at times, certain governments (to pay debts, or fund projects) have increased the amount of wealth through promissory notes and paper money, which led to economic chaos. With a neutral party regulating the creation of money, this scenario is easily prevented.

The value of money fluctuates depending on the region, usually on its needs, local wealth, and such. What might be cheap in one place may be exorbitantly priced in another, due to the difference in how that country values their local currencies and outside ones. 1 Mura is still worth 1 Mura everywhere; it just becomes an issue of what 1 Alstalain coin can buy you in Alstalsia, and what it can buy you elsewhere.

Telling the region on which a particular bit of Murai originated can be done by looking at what it is. Different places have different designs or materials, some examples of which are listed below.

  • Sigrogana - Usually circular coins of various color depending on value, with a square hole in the middle.
  • Oniga - Similar to Sigrogana, but with the inclusion of large and thin golden coins locally known as kobans.
  • Kysei - Karaten and Chaturanga utilize pale blue strips of paper that denote their value in a corner in gold leaf.
  • Alstalsia - Coins with a solid circle of different types of gemstones, depending on their value, are used here. Huge amounts are often very large discs (think gong) of similar design.

Note that this just gives some ideas of the region; when 'making change' or what have you, it may involve different types from different places, and a traveler would quite probably have several different types based on what he finds convenient and where he's been.