Monk Monk

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Fist
Move 6

Str STR +1
Wil WIL --
Ski SKI +2
Cel CEL +2
Def DEF +2
Res RES +1
Vit VIT --
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC --

A Martial Artist will sometimes go into a long period meditative isolation and re-emerge capable of dramatic feats of combat skill, earning the title of Monk. Monks achieve greater insight to the workings of their inner energy (or 'Ki') than the average bare-knuckle brawler, using it to heal allies, boost their own abilities or just kick people so hard their liver flies out their ear.

Strengths Edit

  • Wide array of skills and capable of adapting to a variety of combat situations. They can be many things at once, ranging from Support, Damage Dealer and Tank.
  • Capable of gaining bonus damage from a variety of stats, not just STR.
  • Dense Thunder can be used to Knockdown a foe, making them waste 3 Momentum to stand up, giving the Monk a significant advantage to either flee or further engage.
  • Body of Isesip makes a Monk able to become immune to damage for a few rounds.
  • Golden Glow offers some extra physical/magical damage reduction.
  • Monks can also slightly heal their allies with Aid and offer them Woki, an Aura that increases STR/WIL.

Drawbacks Edit

  • They can be every combat role at once, but they're not good at anything.
  • Ki is another resource that needs to be managed, so a bad management of Ki can ruin their damage/utility sharply.
  • Several stats must be raised somewhat evenly to get full use from all Monk skills.
  • They may take several rounds to gather 'Ki' via Power Up (Nice reference, Dev.)


To unlock Monk, you must use Meditate while your HP is full (on the first round), while having at least 20 Levels in Martial Artist.

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