Momentum is a type of point you use in combat to take actions. By default, every character receives 6 Momentum per round, and most actions require 3 Momentum to use for the first time in a round. (Some skills require no momentum cost, however they are still subject to Repeat Action rules.)

Repeat Action

Following the first use of a combat action (such as moving or using a skill), every additional use accrues another 1 Momentum to the total cost. So, if you attack an enemy, it would take 3 Momentum. If you want to attack again, you would require 4 Momentum, and so on.

Altering Momentum

  • Having 15 base SKI allows you to purchase the Trait: Tactician, which increases your base Momentum from 6 to 7. This is quite mandatory to have.
  • Once per round, you may gain an additional +1 Momentum by hitting an enemy with a critical hit. (This bonus is increased to +2 if the Duelist skill Fleur is currently equipped.)
  • Once per round, you may gain an additional +1 Momentum by dealing damage to an enemy using an element they are weak to.
  • Once per round, you may lose 1 point of Momentum by dealing damage to an enemy with an element that they are strong to, or absorb.

Combat Mechanics
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