Mercala, the White Lady, is the Goddess of Life and is responsible for the Mercalan domain of magic used by Curates, Priests, and Lantern Bearers. The oldest stories all describe Mercala as a peaceful individual. Her followers promote calm resolutions to conflict, and when that fails, they help those wounded in the conflict with any injuries they have. However, Mercala looks down on the use of Mercalan magic as someone's only tool of healing. If the world were to think that any injury or ailment were just as far away as the nearest Mercalan, then mankind would become reckless and aggressive, more-so than nature makes them already. Therefore, the Mercalans express a bit of restraint in use of their magic, and most are taught the use of proper health care.

The Mercalan scripture also details the fact that Mercala cannot die; if she were to die, most life on the planet would become extinct, and therefore any semblance of balance held would be crushed. Furthermore, the world would inevitably become highly polluted and rotten to a grand extent. Of course, this is what Mercalans believe, at least. Some also say that Mercala cannot die because death itself does not affect her; this is perhaps due to her essence lying in Life itself.

Furthermore, legends tell of Mercala's healing bringing forth Ryart the Gold Dragon's transformation after he had been felled by the demonic Zera. Whether this is true, however, is up in the air; certain parties testified towards it, but no one is sure. The Mercalans, however, believe it to be so.

The headquarters of the Mercalan Church is located in Lispool. The current incarnation of Mercala, Adena Mehana, also known as The Voice, presides here.

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