Max Rank 10
Subpoints per Rank 1.5
This talent represents the character's knowledge and experience to hit far-off targets and utilize guns easily.

It's not just about shooting your target. You have to line up the shot just right, predict their movement, and take all the extra variables into consideration, or else you might end up shooting air. A good marksman stands out from the average marksman, hitting targets they have trouble with easily.

Farshot Penalty applies to each tile beyond a weapon's base range, thus each tile beyond weapon's base range causes a -10 Hit per tile, Minus 1 per 5 GUI.

Balance: Reduces the Battle Weight of Gun weapons by up to Subrank * 1.5.

Volley: For Bow and Gun weapons: Increases attack range by Subrank * 1.

Wind Read: Increases maximum range before Farshot Penalty is applied by Subrank * 1.

AdaptationAllows you to equip any Gun weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than Subrank * 2.