General image of Lispool


Lispoolian's Herald

Lispool is the sister city to Hyoya and center of the Mercalan Temple. It is located on the continent of Lordwain. The current incarnation of Mercala, Adena Mehana, resides here. Her sister, Ashe Mehana, is the leader of the Church Knights.

The Voice's birthday is yearly celebrated in Lispool with a special sermon, and then a public feast in the city.

The town is usually aware, and tends to be on edge if the Lady Vajistra ever leaves the town for whatever reason.

There is also occasional intrusions of ice wurms that come Lispool's way in search for food or any consumption.

Lispool is not unknown to be rather tense when it comes to Chaturanga, likely due to the Mercalan Faith and its anti-war predilection.