Lifespan determines how long a person can live due to their respective longevity depending on race.

  • Humans live around 80 years typically.
  • Kaelensian typically live about 1.5x longer than humans. (120 years typically)
  • Corrupted typically live about 1.3x longer than humans. (104~ years typically)
  • Vampires can live indefinitely.
  • Elves live a long time, but no one has seen an Elf die of old age.
  • Zerans live about twice as long as humans. (160 years typically)
  • Reapers/Apertauruses live around 3.75x longer than humans. (300 years typically), but when they venture the outside world, that number drops by 50. (250 years typically)
  • Wyverntouched/Hyattr/Naga live about 1.2x longer than humans. (96 years typically)
  • Glykin can live about twice as long as humans. (160 years typically)
  • Mechanations can exist indefinitely, as long as they are properly maintained.
  • Redtails live about 1.5x longer than humans. (120 years typically)
  • Doriads, like Elves, are not known to succumb to old age.


Please note that regardless of how much time passes in-game, you are not required to react to it, or to anyone elses' roleplay based off of it (except maybe GMs). That is to say, you aren't forced to age your character, you don't have to celebrate their birthday, etc. It serves to create atmosphere, not control it. People do not always have the same availability to play, they may have to take some time off, even if their character would not vanish suddenly for half a year's time.

Also, while people are welcome to age their characters if they want, please respect it if another player does not. Sigrogana is a very unique world where the blood of gods has trickled down to man, where magic exists, and some things are very hard to explain. Basically, hand waves are quite possible and helpful where needed, so it shouldn't break your immersion if the world doesn't move along with you.

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