Across a sea to the west of Sigrogana is the continent of Kysei. It is made up of two nations; Karaten and Chaturanga, who share an alliance and control the entirety of the land. Kysei shares a comfortable relationship with the Empire, as Karaten's mages, artifacts, and facilities make life on Sigrogana many times easier. Chaturanga's famous Black Knights are often hired by royalty as body guards, or guards for places of importance. They have a rocky history with Oniga, after the events of the Onigan Revolution, where Karaten was suspected of assassinating their Tennou.

Travel to and from Kysei is not particularly restricted; Chaturanga's famous black and white architecture draws tourists, and it is overall a comfortable place. Racial discrimination is rare, too; Mages usually dislike everyone equally, regardless of race, and the people of Chaturanga are known for being respectful to everyone. The land itself has many interesting, if dangerous, sights, such as the Mechana Forest (also known as the 'living wood').

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