Notes Kinu utilizes four phases during the fight:
  • Cobra: Randomly "phases" through attacks, and also can now teleport to players.
  • Matador: Will absorb physical attacks, and reflect them in Retaliate.
  • Desperado: Uses Hellstorm Kariga for 10 8-10 damage fire shots. She also deflects ranged attacks.
  • Reaver: Will use various combos that use Dragon Gale, Hellstorm Kariga, Chaser, and Roundtrip.[[Category:B
Kinu 2 Boss-fight02:10

Kinu 2 Boss-fight

Placeholder person
Species ???
Location Nairyf's Grave (Inside Chinatoa Mines)
Abilities Cobra, Desperado, Matador, Reaver
Attack ?

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