Kinu, aka 'God Grave Hunter' or 'Rising God Slayer', is a thrill-seeking young woman who seems to be always in the most dangerous places in the world, such as poisonous caves, raging volcanoes, and harsh deserts. She comes from Oniga and currently resides there, often seen visiting the famous World & Heaven Inn.

It is said that she holds a little secret that is not very well-known to the public, except for Onigans, if they would recognize her face behind the fancy sunglasses.

She's known for being an easygoing but prideful person, and the creator of the Demon Hunter's 'stances'. Though, for being the creator and seeing her 'art' spreading through the world, she can only laugh at the people who try their best to copy her original style, like a parent watching their child imitate a shonen anime.

Obviously, nobody can fight like she does; she could be better described as a wild, vicious beast on the battle field.

She has mastered her own art and gone even further beyond; 'swifter' than a Cobra, 'tougher' than a Matador, 'more savage' than a Reaver and 'even more daring' than a Desperado. Her swordsmanship and marksman proficiency are on par with (if not beyond) the finest elite warriors across the globe. Though her overconfidence and tendency to underestimate her foes keeps her amazing potential in check almost every time.

She probably loves pizza with the same passion any 'Demon Hunter' does, and sure loves the gold color, as it reminds her of home.

She also seems to be at 'friendly' odds with Ashe.

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