Kinu's picture ingame.

Kinu, the 'Rising God Slayer', is a thrill-seeking young woman who seems to be always in the most dangerous places in the world, such as poisonous caves, raging volcanoes, and harsh deserts. She comes from Oniga and currently resides there, often seen visiting the famous World & Heaven Inn.

It is said that she holds a little secret that is not very well-known to the public, except for Onigans, if they would ever recognize her face behind the fancy sunglasses.

To the world at large, Kinu is an easygoing (if not cocky) adventurer, always up for a good fight. Behind the smile and bravado, however, is a woman on a self-assigned mission, driving forward without care for anything else-- for better or worse. She is a capable swordswoman, utilizing a style that emphasizes flair, versatility and momentum.

Kinu is currently at odds with one of her childhood friends, which irritates her to no end.

Videos Edit

Kinu Stage 2 (Scaled) fight. (From the Arena's Statue of Memories, unlocked once you defeat her a second time in the game's storyline.)

Kinu 2 Boss-fight02:10

Kinu 2 Boss-fight

I'm constantly monitoring her health throughout the fighting, and the battle of this scene. That's the box is being refreshed to see the new health value.

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