Kaellia, the Old Kingdom of Gold is the ancient stronghold of the Kaelensia, located in Egwyn. It is a large city, filled with ruins and old stone buildings; these are considered holy places, and people living in Kaellia do so in more recently made structures. It is the center of Kaelensian affairs, and the heads of all the Kaelensia races meet to discuss any issues concerning their people here. Laws and teachings of the land originate here, and almost all Kaelensian youth are brought here for teachings.

It is also one of the few places foreigners are permitted; doctors and merchants regularly stop in to trade and have a good relationship with the people there. Adventurers, mercenaries, and mages are usually met with cold stares; their violent professions are unwanted in a land of peace, and the people worry of being dragged into a war or accused of harboring soldiers of other nations, and such. People in need of medical attention, food, and other goods come from out of the woods to stock up here, if they don't already live in the city.