Incapacitation occurs when a character's HP in combat reaches 0. An incapacitated character cannot take any action, and their turn is skipped in battle. Incapacitated characters cannot be healed by normal means; a skill or item specifically intended for a downed character must be used.

If you are incapacitated at the end of a battle your party won, you will be restored to 1 HP automatically.

Monsters Edit

Usually, an incapacitated monster is treated as dead, and removed from the battlefield, unlike a player character.

Losing a Battle Edit

In battle against monsters, if all party members are incapacitated, the battle is lost and a hasty retreat must be made. Putting life first means you may lose something along the way.

  • Upon defeat, you have 2-8 'Loss Chances'. The number is completely random.
  • For every Loss Chance, there is a 60% chance you will lose 1 valid item in your inventory. This chance is reduced by luck.

Valid items are: Non-crafting materials, non-key items, non-donation items, items that are not equipped (unless they have the Fleeting curse).

  • If you lose an item, it disappears into the mists, gone forever (but there is a chance that items lost this way can be bought back from Richeous in Law's End), Stackable items only lose 1 of its stack.
  • You will also lose half of your on-hand Murai.

Note that this only applies to items in your inventory. Banked items and Murai are not subject to this.

In a PvP battle, this penalty isn't applied.

Combat Mechanics
Power vs. Protection
Hit vs. Evade
Critical vs. Critical Evade
Status Infliction vs. Status Resistance

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