Iahsus, also known as the hanging star, is a blue celestial entity in the sky. As the name suggests, it moves very little, 'hanging' in the sky. It also has what it referred to as 'periods of activity', where the star glows a brighter blue; when inactive, it is very hard to see. While active, certain magic, specifically dimensional magic (such as portals) become unreliable. Portal 'failures' can occur, and Mage's Guild operatives refuse anyone their portal service until Iahsus returns to inactivity.

Iahsus has the tendency to have highly erratic movements. Because it does not orbit the planet, it is difficult to predict when it will start strobe-lightning in the sky. It changes color at times, and this could affect Black Door Portal conditions (the dungeons that pop up), among other obscure things.

Black Eclipse Edit

A black eclipse occurs every 3-5 years when Iahsus passes in front of the sun, obscuring its light, and causing the sky to dance in blue light-waves. While seemingly benign, during these eclipses, individuals can be affected and turned into Umbrals, although this is very rare, especially for any non-human race (see: monster races, not player races). As Iahsus does not orbit the planet, these eclipses happen at irregular times, making them hard to predict. Karaten and its officials strongly suggest that people retreat indoors during a black eclipse.

Moods Edit

In-game, you may notice that every so often, a message will appear in the chat box, stating that Iahsus is glowing a certain color or that they have returned to normal. Iahsus has several moods that it can enter randomly. While in this mood, Corrupted characters will receive a message stating how it affects their mood. They also have varying effects while active.

Red - Vengeful mood. Random dungeons will often spawn with a higher level while this mood is active. Corrupted become irritated.

Orange - Motivated mood. Minibosses have a higher chance of spawning while this mood is active. Corrupted begin to try harder.

Yellow - Chaotic mood. Random dungeons have a higher chance to spawn with more dungeon titles while this mood is active. Corrupted become restless.

Purple - Calm mood. Random dungeons will often spawn with a lower level while this mood is active. Corrupted become relaxed.

Normal - Random Dungeons spawn as they would naturally. Corrupted are not affected by Iahsus.