Nested in the snowy landscape far to the north known as Lordwain, Hyoya lies a few days distance east of Lispool. Early in its lifetime, Hyoya was supported by a large mining industry, making use of the vast resources in the nearby mountains. As time went on, however, it became raided by bandits frequently, as it had no official protection by one of the major powers, and very little manpower to protect it.
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Hyoya tends to protect any settlements in the snowy region, Lispool included. The warriors there are also hired as mercenaries in the outside world. Most of the Hyoyain people are suspicious of outsiders, but warm to 'north dwellers', as they refer to their people as. Much of the world is fearful of their swordsmanship and power, and the lands outside of Hyoya show bandits frozen in blocks of ice to drive the point home.

Hyoya has no true government; this is mainly because it's 50% swordsman and 50% monastery.