Hunger is a part of most living creature's lives. Even Mechanations process food into focus and other energies. Making sure you eat is important.

Food Edit

Food is acquired either through Cooking or by purchasing it from NPCs. Food produced by cooking is generally better, often more filling and giving more bonuses, but requires some skill (or luck) in cooking as well as . Food has 3-4 properties;

Hunger meter

The hunger meter in the character info screen. The green bar slowly disappears as you get hungry.

  • Its fillingness. Food doesn't fill you up forever. Depending on the size of the meal, the effects of the food last for so long. You will get hungrier after every battle, as well as every in-game hour that passes. How hungry you are is shown in the character info screen.
  • Its healthiness. All food have two factors, HP Regen and FP Regen. At the end of a battle after eating, you recover HP and FP equal to a percentage of your maximum. Usually, healthy or filling food, like salad or meat, have higher HP Regen, while sweets have higher FP Regen.
Hunger battle

The fork icon shows a bonus gained from food. In game, this can be moused over for more info.

  • Some foods will confer a bonus status effect in battle. This is usually reserved for higher quality foods. The status effect will be displayed when you eat the food, as well as in battle, under the character's info.

Effects Edit

  • After battle, if you are still placated by your meal (IE, the hunger bar is not completely black), you will recover HP and FP equal to a percentage of your maximum. The percentage is equal to the food's HP Regen and FP Regen respectively, as shown when you examine the item.
  • When you eat, you gain Experience Points equal to the food's HP Regen plus FP Regen (assume they are flat numbers instead of percentages for this).

Thus, eating food has some nice benefits for everyone, whether you're dungeon crawling or just roleplaying.