Gen active Heavy Tackle

Type Defensive
Max Rank 5
Class Arbalest
Range 1

3 M
20/18/16/14/12 FP
Power icon Power Torso Weight + Main Weapon Power + Sub-Weapon Power
Target icon Target Single
Enemy only Enemy Only
Bonus Damage +4/8/12/16/20

Just run at them. That'll be a surprise. Targets 1 enemy within 1 Range and rams your shoulder into them, causing them to take Blunt physical damage equal to the total weight of your Torso + Main Weapon + Sub Weapon (up to a maximum of Rank*24), plus a bonus based on Rank. They are also knocked back 1 tile for every 15 Weight, and if they are knocked back 3 tiles or more, they trip and become Knocked Down.

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