(since the update that lets you pick your stats however you want, this page is pretty much obsolete)

Growths are a percentage chance that, upon increasing your character level, a specific stat will increase. Each of the nine main attributes has an individual growth number that is determined by a few things.

  • Race. Every race has certain key stats that it gives a higher growth rate too.
  • Class, more specifically, your Main Class gives large bonuses to its key stats' growths.
  • Traits, Talents, and items can give bonuses to growths as well.

Generally speaking, class choice is more important than race selection; your race doesn't pigeonhole you into a specific type of class, making it more of a roleplay choice than optimization, although some races are undeniably better than others at certain things.

When your character level increases, all stats can 'grow' (that is, increase by 1). It's just a matter of chance. No matter how unlucky you are, though, at least three of your stats will increase by 1. If a growth is higher than 100%, that stat will increase by 1 and have a chance to increase by an additional one (IE, 105% Growth = +1, with a 5% chance for an extra +1). Basically, all 100%s are +1, and the leftover is rolled afterwards.

Example Edit

A Felidae character has selected Soldier as their Main Class. We add the race's growth rate with the class's growth rate to determine the base value. For example,

  • Strength = 20% (Felidae) + 25% (Soldier) = 45% STR Growth
  • Skill = 20% (Felidae) + 35% (Soldier) = 55% SKI Growth

On character level up, a 1d100 is rolled for each stat. If the result is equal to or less than the growth, that stat increases. Otherwise, it does not.