Glykin, as in 'Kin of Glycon', are a race of people resembling humans with several differences. Their eyes are slitted in a rift or diamondy shape, much like a serpent's. In addition, their skin is flecked with scales (to a different amount of severity per person), usually along the arms, legs, and back; it is also not uncommon for some to appear on the face. These scales are usually lightly faded and can be colored anywhere from green to deep amber yellow.

This resemblance to snake people have earned them a place of shaky ground amongst other races. Most believe them to be the infamous body snatching demons that haunt some areas of the world, as legend goes. However, this is just a case of mistaken identity, or perhaps assumption based on appearances. Glykin were said to be the oldest humans, as their numbers quickly dwindled due to a horrific plague. Glycon, said to be a serpent deity, was told to have taken pity on the Humans. He granted them his scales as protection, fending off all manner of disease and plague.

Different Glykin handle this tale in different ways. Some think themselves above all other races because of it. Some think of the tale as one of sacrifice or burden, taking on the glares and suspicion of others, but protecting themselves with Glycon's scales and the duty of their heritage. However, there are many scholars from outside of the race who argue that Glycon never existed in the first place, and that the Glykin use this tale to spin deception.

As a race, the Glykin do not have any natural born tendencies that are overly dominating. However, they are one of the most mentally stable races; no instincts to control them, and as the target of fear, they generally do not hold the same presumptions to other races (though they may assume they are being looked down upon or disliked). They are also extremely healthy, and are unknown to illness almost entirely, both mental and physical. Their blood is a golden colour, perhaps showing the inability to putrify it.

The Sun's Ichor Edit

The Sun's Ichor was a vampire-hunting group started by the very Glykin, Azorus. Because of their dangerous, and fearsome way of hunting down vampires. The vampire's taken way to degrade Glykin into all sort of terrifying creature, such as stealing skin, and hiding in them. Of course, no one knows that Glykin cannot do those, but what can shameful myth can do to tell fear into dumb, and paranoid villagers?


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