Ghost Ghost

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Sword, Axe
Move 6

Str STR --
Wil WIL --
Ski SKI --
Cel CEL --
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT --
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC --

After coming back from a near-death experience, some Duelists take up the mantle of Ghost. These fighters draw on supernatural endurance and tenacity to harrow their foes, and only become more dangerous and ferocious as their injuries mount.

Strengths Edit

  • Many Ghost skills become stronger or trigger in response to enemy attacks, meaning you don't have to do much to set them up as useful.
  • Wraithguard and Rebound can help with survivability.
  • Potential for high physical damage, with Ether Invitation and Sanguine Star.
  • Can also deal moderate magic damage with Reaper Scythe and Ghostwind on marked targets.
  • Haunting can help with mobility for behaving like 'Blink', so movement impairment such as 'Slow' doesn't affect them a lot, if at all.

Drawbacks Edit

  • The obvious drawback to having so many skills rely on taking damage - you're going to spend a lot of time almost incapacitated. This can quickly transition into being actually dead.
  • While not being inherently strong, most of their skills give the Unmarkable condition for ludicrous amounts of time to make the skill actually worth it.
  • Ether Invitation consumes the Claret Call upon use, while being a 'basic hit' skill, so if your enemy avoid it, they become Unmarkable. Also, can only be used when your HP bar is 'red' (25% HP), as it is a last ditch effort to end the enemy before you die.
  • Wraithguard has a pretty long Cooldown now, it can't be refreshed constantly. Added to that, it lasts for 3 rounds, and the cooldown is 5 rounds, so. It will leave you really vulnerable to damage for 2 consecutive rounds.
  • Skills like Painproof, Red Rain, Death Gaze, are still mostly underpowered and plain useless compared to others.


Unlocking the Ghost promotion class requires winning a battle with your HP under 10% or have the talent 'Ghost' with at least Level 20 in Duelist.

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