Youkai have a Friendship level that affects whether or not they listen to you in battle for actions such as being summoned, allowing use of skill/spells, and installing. At 60% Friendship, Youkai are willing to listen to any command; at amounts above 60%, the Youkai will receive additonal EXP, up to 40% extra at 100 Friendship.

Youkai Friendship can be increased by giving them special gifts, or winning battles with the Youkai summoned. Friendship decreases if you give them a gift they don't like, or if they are unsummoned due to lack of FP.

Favored gifts are listed as such:

  • Avian: Diamond
  • Beast: Topaz
  • Dragon: Emerald
  • Fairy: Ruby
  • Mystic: Amethyst
  • Night: Onyx
  • Plant: Sapphire

Hated gifts are listed as such:

  • Avian: Amethyst
  • Beast: Diamond
  • Dragon: Ruby
  • Fairy: Emerald
  • Mystic: Sapphire
  • Night: Topaz
  • Plant: Onyx

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