Fist Expertise

Max Rank 5

This talent represents the character's knowledge and experience with unarmed weapons, such as fists, claws, etc. Many adventurers specialize in the use of one kind of weapon, but just as many find it better to use any weapon, regardless of type, if the situation calls for it.

At Rank 1, this talent will increase all damage you deal with Fist weapons by its Rank.

At Rank 2, you become familiar with methodology behind the weapon class's design, gaining 1 Skill when creating one via Smithing.

At Rank 3, your skill with the weapon will have increased, such that your Critical is increased by this talent's Rank.

At Rank 4, you're used to carrying heavy gauntlets around, reducing the Battle Weight of all Fists you use by Rank.

At Rank 5, the knowledge and ability you have acquired with this talent will stretch across professions, allowing you to equip Fist regardless of your Main Class.

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