Gen active Final Flare

Type Offensive
Max Rank 3
Class Spellthief
Range 1
Dagger only

6 M
30 FP
Power icon Power --
Target icon Target Single
Ally only Self Only
Spells 1/2/3 Spells

Dagger skill. Must have at least one non-Invocation Copy spell. Loads up your dagger with magical energy for 3 rounds. The next target you hit with a basic attack deals no damage, but instead releases up to Rank Copy Spells (excluding Invocations) on the target randomly. Spells cast this way deal only 75% damage and are lost after being cast.

After the magical energy is expended, or time runs out, your dagger explodes, reducing its durability to 0, knocking you back from the target by 7 tiles and knocking you down.

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