Gen active Enchant Shield

Type Defensive
Max Rank 3
Class Soldier
Range 1

3 M
10 FP
Power icon Power --
Target icon Target Single
Ally only Self Only
Duration 3/4/5
Elemental LV 5/10/15

Shield skill. Requires you to be enchanted with an elemental (item effects that treat you as if you were enchanted with one will not work). Transfers the elemental from you to your shield, ending the effect for you, but granting you an Elemental Shield for 3 rounds of the same element.

The elemental shield will grant resistance to the same element equal to X% (X = Rank*5) and will deal damage (ignores armor) to enemies who attack you or that you Bash equal to X. Guarding will double the elemental resistance and retaliation damage, but no effect is given when under Guard Break.

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