Egwyn is a continent located far south of Sigrogana.

Slightly smaller than the mainland, Egwyn is still a relatively large mass of land covered mostly in vast forests and lakes. It is the aged home of the Kaelensia, who have lived there for as long as anyone can remember. While the Kaelensia do build homes, they do so without much waste, and maintain the splendor and beauty of their land. This is no doubt an influence of their peaceful relations with the Druids, who are said to hide themselves away deep in Egwyn's forests.

While all Kaelensia in Egwyn tend to get along, they do gravitate towards different areas based on race; the winged Corbie tend to prefer high areas such as mountains, for example. And while petty squabbles will happen no matter what the race, the people of Egwyn have spared themselves any wars between themselves and outside nations. Humans fear the power of the golden-eyed, and Kaelensia themselves have no need to fight over the vast resources of the land. It is also said that the depths of Egwyn's uninhabited regions have creatures second in power only to a Dark Zones' terrors. These so called Old Beasts, or The Ancestors, are regarded in Kaelensian legend as their forefathers many hundreds of years back.

Egwyn also houses a deep, deep open cavern which becomes a crevasse at its lowest point; some worshippers say it was from this hole that all life in the world originated. Despite what would seem a sight to see, humans do not often travel to Egwyn, no doubt in part due to the thick forests and jungles, making it unfriendly if not outright dangerous to anyone unfamiliar with it. In addition, there are hostile tribes that lie within the forests, making travel not very safe. Those who do travel to the homeland of the Kaelensia usually travel to Kaellia, the continent's ancient stronghold.

Coffee originates on Egwyn, but it is sold everywhere.

Egwyn operates on a mostly tribe-based system, with each of the main Kaelensia races having a representative 'ruler' who keeps their clan in line and keeps relations with other Kaelensia, as well as dealing with foreign countries.


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