Duelist Duelist

Type Base Class
Weapons Sword, Spear
Move 5

Str STR +1
Wil WIL --
Ski SKI +2
Cel CEL +2
Def DEF --
Res RES --
Vit VIT --
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC --

A master of one-on-one combat, the Duelist's pride is in perfecting the artsy side of combat. Rather than overwhelm enemies with pure force, they would rather read them, predict them, and use their own actions against them.

Strengths Edit

  • Duelist skills synergize decently with any attacker, such as Rogues and Soldiers.
  • Has a variety of offensive skills with fairly low FP costs.
  • Riposte and Poise are both effective melee counter skills.
  • Spear users can attack from a distance using Couloir.

Drawbacks Edit

  • Riposte and Poise, activate when an enemy attacks you. An enemy Mage will not risk triggering these, in most cases, as spells do not count as attacks.
  • A lack of healing skills means you'll have to rely on allies or items to keep you alive in scary battle situations.
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