Gen active Dragon Gale

Type Offensive
Max Rank 5
Class Monk
Range 1

3 M
20/21/22/23/24 FP
Power icon Power 80/90/100/110/120% Scaled WPN ATK
Target icon Target Single
Enemy only Enemy Only
3/2 Ki Goes further for every 2 ki, and leaves behind wind shaft that inflicts 100% wind damage.

A heavy punch follows by a roundhouse kick, deaing damage based on rank over two hits, to an enemy within 1 range.

Ki: Gains +1 range per 3 ki, to a max of 6. If you targets an enemy outside of melee range. 2 ki will be consumed per tile, but will launch a ki dragon at the target. Applying the effect of this skills, creating air shafts for 3 rounds, but doing wind damage, (and bonus damage equal to 100% of wind atk)

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