When performing a basic attack, or using an attack skill that rolls its chance to hit, there's a chance for the attack to be a Critical hit. This chance is a percentage, based on your own Critical stat minus the target's Critical Evade. Either stat may be altered by a wide variety of skills and conditions. A Critical hit has the following effects:

  • Increases the base damage of the attack by 1.5x (additional damage, such as the on-hit effects of certain weapons and skills, remains the same.)
  • Triggers weapon properties that activate on Critical hits.
  • Grants you a 1 Momentum bonus, up to once per round (should you have the Duelist skill Fleur equipped, this bonus is +2 instead).

Combat Mechanics
Power vs. Protection
Hit vs. Evade
Critical vs. Critical Evade
Status Infliction vs. Status Resistance

Move · Momentum · Critical hit · Incapacitation · Round · Battle Weight

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