Max Rank 5
Eating is one of the necessities of life, and unless you want to eat raw meat or wild plants, food must be prepared. The art of cooking is not an exact science, and a lot of it depends on experience.

At Rank 1, your Skill when preparing food in any fashion is increased by 1.

At Rank 2, you've learned the danger of fire, and are better prepared to deal with it, permanently gaining 5% Fire Resistance.

At Rank 3, you waste less of your ingredients, and make them much more satisfying, increasing how long someone will be filled up by your meal by 2 + Rank battles/hours.

At Rank 4, having put your all into your dishes causes them to be more nutritious, increasing their HP and FP Regeneration by 2% per Rank.

At Rank 5, you have achieved the height of culinary mastery, causing all bonus effects your Food gives to have their LV increased by 1, making them more powerful.

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