Sl2 classboardicon The Class Board is a GUI that lets you customize your equipped classes and skills. It is accessed by either clicking on the Class Board in Professor Pink's Study or the interface icon on the HUD.



  • Weapons you see below your Main Class are the weapon types you can equip.
  • The number next to the white shoe icon is your Move.
  • Level is equal to that class's level, and the EXP bar represents its progress to the next one.


  • Drag and Drop a class to either the Main Class or Sub Class icon to equip that class in that slot.
  • Double click a skill icon view a description of that skill.
  • Click the Spend SP button to distribute Skill Points for that class.

Skill Pool Edit

The Skill Pool is displayed on the right side of the Class Board. This is where you can equip your active skills, which is a selection of:

  • Main Class skills
  • Sub Class skills

Note: If the Main or Sub Class is a promoted class, it also includes skills from its base class.

  • Racial skills (note that you don't have to equip most racial skills for them to function)
  • Skills gained from Traits, Talents, and items.

You can equip anywhere from 0 up to your maximum Skill Pool size (noted as the second number in Equipped). Note that only equipped skills and inate skills will take effect; passive skills must still be equipped.

Certain classes, traits, talents, and items may have ways to increase your Skill Pool size.