Max Rank 5
Magic is brought into being by using Focus, the life energy in all living things, to create it. When you run out of it... well, it's a problem. Mages often undergo rituals and special training in order to increase their ability to attract and retain Focus, allowing them a much larger stockpile than normal people.

At Rank 1, your maximum FP will increase by 5 per Rank.

At Rank 3, you will have gained a way to constantly absorb Focus from the world around you, gaining +2 Focus Regeneration. (This will cause you to recovery 2 FP every round in combat.)

At Rank 5, this method of constant absorption will blossom into the powerful ability to steal excess focus from magic. When a Spell is cast by anyone other than you in battle, you will recover either 20% of the FP cost or 3 FP, whichever is higher.

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