Blackknight Black Knight

Type Promoted Class
Weapons Sword, Spear, Axe
Move 4

Str STR +2
Wil WIL --
Ski SKI +1
Cel CEL --
Def DEF +2
Res RES --
Vit VIT +2
Fai FAI --
Luc LUC +1

Black Knights are an intimidating presence in any fight, towering over foes with their huge armor and terrifying reputation. Epitomizing the principles of physical defense and protecting allies first learned as Soldiers, these warriors use the power of the Black Wind to force enemies to fight on their terms.

Strengths Edit

  • Retains all the useful Soldiering skills and growths, but more so.
  • Increased battlefield control skills add tactical options.
  • They have AoE and two gap-closers, which are good to save momentum if the enemy is close or just adjacent to your position.
  • High emphasis on reducing physical damage.
  • Tons of free Critical Evade! Needless to say, they're the natural counters to Void Assassins.
  • Chess puns!

Drawbacks Edit

  • Low base movement and very few ranged skills.
  • Naturally low Resistance, making them very susceptible to magic.
  • Absolute zero ways to deal with Magic Damage.
  • They get checkmated by Buster Cannon. Touché.


To unlock Black Knight, one must move in a L shape (exactly like a Knight makes in Chess) while being a Level 20+ Soldier.

Archer Archer
Arbalest Arbalest · MagicGunner Magic Gunner
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Engineer Engineer · Voidassassin Void Assassin · Spellthief Spellthief
Soldier Soldier
Blackknight Black Knight · Tactician Tactician · Demon hunter Demon Hunter
Summoner Summoner
GrandSummoner Grand Summoner · Bonder Bonder

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